Anarki Stable

Minor changes and bugfixes to Arc 3.1

To install, first install git and racket, and then:
$ git clone
$ git checkout stable
$ cd anarki
$ ./
arc> (quit)
(Official and outdated instructions.)


A 'wiki-like' community-supported fork of arc

  • Gets more frequent updates and bugfixes from the folks at the forum. (Arc 3.1 was last updated in 2009.)
  • Tries to keep with the spirit and philosophy of arc. The tutorial still applies to it.
  • Like arc, makes no guarantees of compatibility. Anyone can make changes to it.
  • Commit privileges freely given to anyone who asks.
To install, first install git, mercurial and racket, and then:
$ git clone
$ cd anarki
$ hg clone
$ ./arc
arc> (help do)  ; online help
[mac] (do . args)
Evaluates each expression in sequence and returns the result
of the last expression.
arc> (load "tests.arc")  ; lots of automated tests
arc> (quit)