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OS functions

Derived data types


Web serving



Index of Arc

Other sources of information

If you want an overview of Arc, the Arc Tutorial is the place to start. The MzScheme Language Manual is useful for understanding many of Arc's commands, since Arc runs on top of MzScheme. The Common Lisp HyperSpec provides insight into many of the concepts of Arc.

Several interesting books are available free online: Paul Graham's On Lisp describes many of the concepts that ended up in Arc. Practical Common Lisp is a very interesting guide to Lisp, Common Lisp the Language is a good reference, and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is perhaps the best way to learn Scheme.

Useful print books include Paul Graham's ANSI Common Lisp, the print editions of Practical Common Lisp and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, The Little Schemer, and Peter Norvig's Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming.

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