Other OS Operations

Other OS Operations

The following are miscellaneous operating system operations.

declare key value
Sets an interpreter option. The key direct-calls, when set to t, optimizes function calls on the assumption they will not be redefined as table. The key explicit-flush, when set to t, disables automatic flushing of output, requiring explicit flushout calls. Both are initializes to nil. New in arc3.
>(declare direct-calls t)
Error: _direct-calls: undefined;
 cannot reference undefined

>(declare explicit-flush t)
Error: _explicit-flush: undefined;
 cannot reference undefin
ed identifier

Returns the current memory usage. New in arc3.
system string
Executes the string in the underlying OS.
>(system "date")
Tue May 13 21:27:30 GMT 2014

Exits the interpreter.

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