Index of Arc functions

The following alphabetical index lists the functions, procedures, macros, and variables in the Arc language, with links to more information.


* + ++ - -- / < <= = > >=


aand abs accum acons addtem adjoin admin admin-gate admin-page adminfile* admins* afn afnid aform aformh after aif alist all alphadig alref and andf annotate apply arcdir* arform arformh arg assign assoc asv atend atlet atom atomic atomic-invoke attribute atwith atwiths avg awhen


bad-logins* bad-newacct bar* before begins best bestn bgthreads* bigformwid* blank blank-url bound br br2 break-thread breaksrv* but buts


caar cache cadr call-w/stdin call-w/stdout car carif caris case caselet catch ccc cdata cddr cdr cellpr center check client-ip close closedelim code-block coerce color commonest compare complement compose consif conswhen cook-user cookfile* cookie->user* copy copylist cos count counts create-acct create-handler current-gc-milliseconds current-process-milliseconds cut


date date-nums datestring days-since dc-usernames* dead dead-msg* declare dedup def defbg defcache defhook defmemo defop defop-raw defopl defopr defopr-raw defs defset deftem dehex delimc deq details dir dir-exists disable-acct disktable diskvar disp do do1 dos-window* dotted downcase drain


each ellipsize empty end-tag endmatch english-date english-time enq enq-limit ensure-dir ensure-srvdirs ero err errpage errsafe esc<>& eschtml eval even exact expand-metafn-call expand= expand=list expt


failed-login file-exists fill-table find findsubseq firstn flat flink flushout fn fnform fnid fnid-field fnids* fns* fnurl* for forlen form formatdoc-url* formwid* fromdisk fromstring


gen-type-header gentag get get-user good-login good-logins* goodname gray


halve handle-post handle-request handle-request handle-request-thread harvest-fnids header* headmatch hello-page hex>color hexrep hook hooks* hours-since hpasswords* hpwfile* hspace


idfn if iflet ignore-ips* in indented-code infile input inputs insert-sorted inside insort insortnew inst instring int intersperse is isa isnt iso


jfnurl* join jtime


keep keys kill-thread


last len len< len> let letter lines link linkf list listtab litmatch load load-table load-tables load-userinfo log log-request logdir* logfile-name login login-form login-handler login-page logins* logout-user loop


mac macex macex1 map map1 mappend maptable markdown max max-age* md-from-form med median mem memo memodate memory memtable menu merge mergesort metafn min minutes-since mismatch mismatch-message mod month-names* monthnum months* most msec multiple multisubst mvfile


n-of nbsp nearest needrows new-bgthread new-fnid new-hspace new-thread new-user-cookie newstring next-parabreak no noisy-each nonblank nonwhite nor nthcdr num number numwid*


obj odd oidfile* on on-err onlink only onrlink ontable ontree opcolor opcounts* open-socket opendelim opesc opmeth opmeths* opnum opsel opstring opsym optimes* or or= orf out outfile outstring


pagemessage pair para parabreak parafy paras parse-date parse-format parse-time parseargs parsecookies parseheader parseurl peekc pending-threads* pipe-from plural pluralize point pop pos positions positive posmatch pr pr-escaped prall prbold prcookie prf prn protect prrow prs pull punc push pushnew pwfields


qlen qlist quasiquote queue quit quitsrv* quote


rand rand-choice rand-elt rand-string range rdheader* read read-table readall readb readc readfile readfile1 readline readstring1 readvar reassemble-args reclist recstring redirector* reduce reinsert-sorted rem rep repeat req-limit* req-times* req-window* requests* requests/ip* respond respond-err retrieve rev rflink rfn rfnurl* rfnurl2* rlinkf rmfile rmfile rotate round roundup row rreduce


safe-load-table saferead safeset save-optime save-table scar scdr seconds serve serve1 set set-pw setforms setter shash shortlink showvars sig sin since single single-input sleep socket-accept some sort sortable spacerow spanclass spanrow split sptab spurned* sqrt sread sref srv-noisy* srvlog srvops* ssexpand ssyntax start-tag static-filetype static-max-age* staticdir* stderr stdin stdout string striptags submit subst sum summing swap sym system


tab table tablist tag tag-if tag-options tan td tdcolor tdr temload temloadall templates* templatize temread testify text-rows text-type textarea thread threadlife* throttle-ips* throttle-time* time time10 timed-aform timed-aform2 timed-arform timed-fnid timed-fnids* timedate todisk tokens tostring tr trav tree-subst treewise trim trtd trues trunc tuples type type-header*


uform ulink underline underlink union uniq unique-id unique-ids* unknown-msg* unless unmarkdown until upcase urform url-for urldecode urlencode urlend user->cookie* user-exists username-taken


valid-date vals varfield varline vars-form vhspace vspace


w/appendfile w/bars w/infile w/instring w/link w/link-if w/outfile w/outstring w/rlink w/socket w/stdin w/stdout w/table w/uniq warn when when-umatch when-umatch/r whenlet while whiler whilet whitec whitepage widtable wipe with withs write write-table writeb writec writefile


zap zerotable

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